DJ Splash Biography: Who Is Naria Marley DJ Splash?

DJ Splash Biography: Who is Naria Marley DJ Splash — Matthew Aderoju popularly known as DJ Splash is a Nigerian Disc Jockey and former in-house DJ of Marlian Records.

He is allegedly one of the victims of Naria Marley and Marlian Music Record. His story of drug abuse and mental issues came up following the death of Nigerian singer Mohbad.

This article contains information about DJ Splash Biography, age, real name, state of origin, Career etc.

DJ Splash Profile / Bio

Real Name:                 Matthew Aderoju

Stage Name:                DJ Splash

Age:                              22 years old

Place of Birth:                Ikotun, Lagos State

State of Origin:                Lagos Statec

Nationality:                         Nigerian

Occupation:                           DJ

Known For:                  Marlian Records In-House DJ

Tribe:                                         Yoruba

Association:         Naria Marley, Marlian Record Label

DJ Splash Biography

Who is Naria Marley DJ Splash

DJ Splash also known as Ash Splash is from Ikotun, Lagos State. He won DJ Consequence’s DJ competition in 2020. Following his rise to fame, he was introduced to singer Naria Marley.

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The singer later signed to Marlian Records as their in-house DJ. According to reports, DJ got introduced to a different lifestyle after moving to Marlian record label HQ.

Few months after moving to Marlian HQ, DJ splash started having mental issues and reached out to his family. His abnormal behavior got his family worried.

He was later sent away from the record label after his family started asking questions and clarity from Naria Marley who is the owner of the record label.

When his mother came to pick him up, he was a shadow of his old self and had repeatedly lost his memory.

Who is Naria Marley DJ Splash?

In the wake of singer Mohbad’s death and issues with Marlian Records, DJ Splash mother cried out to Nigerians for help.

She accused Naria Marley of introducing her son to drugs and other toxic substances. She says DJ Splash’s  mental issues started after getting sign to Marlian Record label.

The family of DJ Splash is seeking answers to what happened to their son in Marlian Records HQ.

Before and After Picture of DJ Splash

Below is the before and after picture of DJ Splash after he was signed to Marlian Music Records.

Before and After pictures of Naria Marley DJ splash

While reacting to the before and after picture of  DJ Splash, Nigerians took to the street to call for justice and investigation in to Marlian records dealings.

Also, many are criticizing singer Naria Marley and are calling for his arrest. Since the story of DJ Splash, Nigerians are calling on the government to ban Marlian music for having negative influence on they youths.

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