Tacha blasts Mercy after one of her loyal fans attacked her

Seems like the feud between BBNaija stars Tacha and Mercy, will not be coming to an end soon, after a fan ignited more drama.

Tacha has blasted Mercy on her official Instagram page after one of Mercy’s loyal fan is always attacking her on social media.

In her recent rant, Tacha vent that a Mercy’s fan’s is always wishing her bad and attacking her on social media. She also revealed that she has never wished anybody evil in her existence, but human being are quick to wish her bad.

The reality star also slammed those who believe that her fans “Titians” are the most toxic fan base, as she shows receipt of one of Mercy’s fans attacking her.

She also shaded Mercy Eke while alleging that Mercy does not type most of the things she post on social media.

According to Tacha, Mercy’s publicist types and publishes all her post on social media, as she claims the BBNaija 2019 winner can’t type in English.

Tacha said that no one is on her level. Using Nicki Minaj verse, she said people fought so hard last year, thinking the can steal her spot.

She also admitted they only stole it for the night but that she’s still their mother and the yardstick.

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