Ultimate love winner Kachi reveals how ex-fiancée Rosie aborted their baby (video)

Ultimate Love winners Kachi and Rosie are no longer couple following the call off engagement, which was barely one year after the show.

Rosie on Instagram Live a week ago, confirmed that she and her ex-Fiancé were no longer together.

The reality star said they ended their relationship because were not compatible and her fiancé Kachi started acting up after she miscarriage their baby.

She also revealed that had contacted Multi-Choice following the new development. Read here Ultimate love winners: Rosie and Kachi allegedly broken up

In a new interview granted by Kachi, he accused Rosie of aborting their unborn child while debunking claims made by Rosie that she miscarried their baby.

Kachi said that Rosie bought an abortion pill from a pharmacy and used the drugs because she didn’t want to have another baby out of wedlock after her two children.

He futher revealed that the baby was twelve weeks old before the abortion took place and she and Rosie were not in agreement to terminate the baby.

Watch the video below.

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