Sunday Igboho’s biography, Real name, Age, Net worth and Career

Sunday Igboho is a Nigerian human right activist, politician and a business man. He is from the South West region in Nigeria and a Yoruba man

Here’s all you need to know about Sunday Igboho .

Real Name And Age:

Many people don’t know the real name of the Yoruba human right activist.

Sunday Igboho’s real name is Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo. He was born in October 10, 1972 in Oyo State and he grew up in Modakeke in Osun State.

Origin of Sunday Igboho’s Nick Name:

One if the popular question about Sunday Igboho is how he got his nick name.

According him, in an interview, he said that Yoruba people often gives name due to the place they live.

His father was called “Baba Igboho” because he comes from Igboho. As a result, Sunday got the name “Sunday Omo Baba Igboho”. 

People started calling him “Igboho” after  Sunday’s father relocated from Modakeke due to the war and people started calling him Sunday “Igboho”. This name stayed with him even after moving to Ibadan.

Personal Life and Career 

Sunday Igboho is a Christian who is married to two wives. He is blessed with 15 children and three of his sons are professional footballers in Germany.

Sunday Igboho started his career as a mechanic and a motorcycle repairer in Osun State.

He established his car sales business and own a company Adeson International Business Concept Ltd after he met important people while defending people’s human during fuel scarcity in Oyo State.

Raise to Fame 

Sunday became famous after he played in during the Modakeke/Ife war between 1997 and 1998, where he was a defendant of Modakeke people in Osun State.

He then relocated to Ibadan where he met former Oyo state Governor, Lam Adesina. 

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During the fuel scarcity, Sunday defended the people against Adesina’s convey at the fueling station after they tried to overtake the queue.

He also went on to work with former Governor, Rasheed Ladoja and became one of his aides.

He is also known for fighting for the rights of the Yoruba people as many believe he possesses spiritual powers. He is one of the people advocating for Oduduwa republic.

Current Popularity

Sunday Igboho returned to the spotlight after he asked the Fulani herders in Yoruba land to leave.

Speaking on why he wanted the Fulani to leave Yoruba land, he stated that Fulani herdsmen are cause of insecurity in the South West.

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