United African Republic: All you need to know

• What is the full meaning of UAR in Nigeria?
• Why is UAR trending.
• What is Alkebulan?

What is the Full Meaning of UAR in Nigeria?

United African Republic ( UAR) or United Alkebulan Republic is a name proposed to the House of Representatives by Adeleye Jokotoye.

On June 3, 2021, the House of Representatives received proposal to change Nigeria’s name to United African Republic.

Jokotoye who is one of the members of the committee in the constitution review, said the the name “Nigeria” should be change since it was given by the colonies.

According to him, United African Republic or United Alkebula Republic (UAR) will reflect and represent the different ethnic groups in Nigeria.

What is Alkebulan?

Alkebulan means mother of mankind or garden of Eden. It is an the ancient name of Africa. It is the oldest and the only word of indigenous origin in history.

Why is UAR Trending?

After the proposal for the change of Nigeria’s name was revealed, the word United African Republic and United Alkebula Republic started trending on social media.

Many Nigerians took to social media to react to the proposal to change Nigeria’s name to United Africa Republic or United Alkebula Republic (UAR)

The name is currently used in phrase and sentence to mock the proposal as many Nigerians youths are currently trending word.

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