“There’s only one Tacha, adding “BBNaija” to my name is unnecessary” – BBNaija Tacha says

Socialites! BBNaija housemate Tacha has asked for her name not to be tagged with “BBNaija”.

This came after a publication was made in reference to her name as the headline states, “BBNaija Tacha”.

Apparently, the queen of the Titians who was made very famous by the BBNaija reality show, does not want her name to be attached with BBNaija.

As she immediately says it’s not necessary adding “BBNaija” to her name in publications because there’s “only one Tacha”.

“There’s only one “TACHA” . “BBNaija’s” Is unnecessary” she said.

The reality star yesterday took to her social media page to advised ladies to start making their own money.

According to her, men are coming smart these days and doesn’t want to date a woman who is a liability.

“Guys are getting smart these days and they are not so interested in being the sole provider now. So if you are a broke person, you have a problem to fix so stop complaining about how guys are. Don’t be a freaking liability to any man come 2021.” She said.

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