Medical doctor robbed of her savings at gunpoint after entering ‘one chance’ car

A medical doctor was robbed all her savings at gun point after entering a “one chance” car.

The victim’s cousin took to Twitter to share the sad incident, as she reveal that her cousin is devastated.

According to the lady, her cousin was forced to transfer all her money from her account to the robbers

She also disclosed that her cousin had worked two jobs as a doctor and had saved about N1.1 million towards relocation abroad but was robbed of her savings.

She also stated that the robbers throw her out of the moving vehicle after robbing her and sped off.

Read the thread below.

“My àbúrò was robbed yesterday st gone point in a one chance car. Worked 2 jobs as a Dr in Lagos. Saved up for 2 years for japa runs. They transferred everything in minutes, put pepper and aboniki in her eyes and threw her out of a moving vehicle. I’m just glad she wasn’t killed

I’m gutted that they stole everything she worked for. But that she’s alive, I’m grateful.

Nigeria fucking kills you. She was out with all her ATM cards, they cleaned her out totally. All her savings for 2 years, plus like over 500k loan to beef up her account for visa application. Roughly about 2.4 million naira. Ọmọ, it’s not me that it happened to, but i wan crase.”

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has been opened for the victims but the lady revealed that her cousin wants her to close it down cause she’s not ready for the popularity.

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