Sim Dope Biography, Real Name, Age, Father, Family, Net Worth

Sim Dope is the son of South African billionaire Robert Gumede and the childhood friend of later Rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes popular known as AKA.

He first rose to fame after his best friend rapper AKA referenced him in his hit single “Sim Dope” which was featured in his second studio album titled “Levels”.

This article contains information about Sim Dope Biography, family, Father, age, education and Net Worth.

Sim Dope Bio / Profile

Real Name:               Simphiwe Sim Dope Gumede

Nick Name:                 Sim Dope

Date of Birth :              28 January 1988

Age:                             35

Nationality:             South African

Education:                St John’s College Johannesburg

Father:                       Robert Gumede

Friend:                       Rapper AKA

Occupation:              Entrepreneur

Brother:             Matana Robert Junior Gumede

Sim Dope Biography Sim Dope Biography

Born in January 28 1988, Sim Dope is a South African socialist, entrepreneur and son of  billionaire businessman Robert Gumede.

He is also famous for being the best friend and childhood classmate of late rapper AKA childhood. Sim Dope is referenced in a hit single in AKA’s second album “Levels” released in 2014.

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AKA hit song “Sim Dope” was inspired and named after Sim Dope, who is the son of South African billionaire Robert Gumede. His step mother’s name is Portia Mkhize.

Nevertheless, he is known for his low key lifestyle and has never been in the spotlight. However, his name remained legendary after his rapper friend AKA made a song about him.


Sim Dope was born in 28 January 1988 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is 35 years old.

Also, he shares the same birthday with rapper AKA, who died at the age of 35.

Sim Dope Father Sim Dope father

Sim Dope father Robert Gumede (born 9 August 1963) is a South African businessman and philanthropist.

Also, he is the founder of the IT firm Gijima Technologies and its holding company Gijima Group. He is worth about R2.8 billion and is one of South Africa richest man.

Gumede and his wife Portia (Dope step mother) have three children: son Keni (5) and daughters Natana (4) and Matana (2). He has four other children including Sim Dope.

Personal LifeSim Dope and his wife

Sim Dope is married to Tshego and the couple is bless with two kids. However, his marriage and personal life is very private. This is because, Dope lives a low key life.

Sim Dope Social Media

You can follow Sim Dope on social media platforms like Instagram @simdope_official 


Sim Dope song

Sim Dope is reference on rapper AKA hit song “Sim Dope” released alongside his second album “Levels” in 2014.

In fact, the song is about their childhood memories and experience together.  One of the popular phrase from the song is “ So if I die I pray to God he bring me back as Sim Dope”

The song cover is a school photoshoot of AKA and the real Sim Dope with their classmates at St Johns college.

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