Inno Morolong Biography, Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth

Inno Morolong Biography – Inno Morolong whose real name is Innocentia Morolong, is a South African socialite and influencer.

She is also a popular club host and promoter. This article will contain detailed information about Inno Morolong biography, age, boyfriend and net worth.

Inno Morolong Profile

Name                   Inno Morolong

Real Name           Innocentia Morolong

Date of Birth     September 22, 1992

Age.                      29 years old (2021)

Nationality        South African

Occupation        Socialite, Club host, Promoter


Inno Morolong Biography

Innocentia Morolong but popularly known as Inno Morolong is a South African socialite, influencer and club host.

Little is known about Inno Morolong family and childhood. However, she was born and raised in Welkom, Free Town.

According to the socialite, she was once a model and a video vixen before becoming a show promoter and club host.

Inno Morolong is one of the most controversial socialites in South Africa, known for calling out women over a man.

She called out South African rapper and singer Gigi LaMayne and accused her of stealing her boyfriend.


Inno Morolong was born on 22nd September, 1992 in Welkom, South Africa. She is currently 29 years old.

Real Name

Though she is known as Inno, the socialite’s real name is Innocentia Morolong.

Personal Life Inno Morolong and her daughter photo

Inno Morolong personal life have always been private. However, she is a single mother with an adorable daughter name Lesedi.

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However, the identity of Inno Morolong child father remains a mystery.

Inno Morolong and Gigi LaMayne Drama Inno and Gigi photo

On November 22, Inno Morolong  made the headlines after she called out rapper Gigi LaMayne for following her man on social media.

According to the socialite , Gigi LaManye is after her boyfriend Femi Large. This accusation led to several reactions on social media.

Inno accused Gigi of always wanting to date her boyfriends. She also claims sue doesn’t know Gigi.

Following the allegation, Gigi sued Inno for defamation after she was called out by the socialite.

Days after their online drama, Inno and Gigi went on Instagram live to settle their beef.

Inno LaMayne Boyfriend Inno Morolong boyfriend

Currently, Inno LaMayne is dating Femi Large.

Meanwhile, Inno accused Gigi LaMayne on following her boyfriend on social media.


Following her surgery, Inno Morolong have been open about going under the knife.

However, Inno was pissed at Tebogo thobejane after she shared video of her surgery  on her podcast.

Social Media

Follow Inno Morolong @innomorolong on Instagram.


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