I never had mother’s love -James Brown shares his life story

Popular crossdresser, James Brown, has shared his birth story as he clocks a new age.

The crossdresser explained that his mother was advised to abort him.

James Brown added that he survived after his mother made several attempts to get rid of him.

“I never had a mother love or care ,
no affection no communication,
no tears ?
no breastfeed ? from a mother
But my Grandmother ? loves me 100%

“BUT I STILL FEEL EMPTY Writing this is not for you to make mockery of me but to understand that life doesn’t play the way you plan.
“My advice to you on this special day is to
Be determined, brave, smart, never ? take no for an answer, be pursuit take RISK never depend on anyone with all this you will get to your destination in life.”

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He also asked his fans for birthday gifts with another post he made on Instagram
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