“I have been living under depression” – lady cries out over being humiliated cause of her saggy breast

A Nigerian lady has cries out on social media as she laments herself lamenting on how badly she has being treated because of her saggy breast.

The lady shared video of herself crying as she reveals she has been depressed due to the humiliation she faces from people cause of her saggy breast.

According to the lady, her saggy boobs have been there since she started developing them as a woman. She also said she didn’t choose to have them and would change it if she could.

While lamenting the lady says she can’t change what her boobs looks but she wishes people would change how they view her cause it’s making her depressed.

“As you can see, I have saggy chest. They are just.. If you can see very well, they get up to my tummy. This is the level and that’s just how I was born.

I don’t know, if we really had the chance to change our body, I really would have changed mine. But it’s not that easy. But in Nigeria, the way people insult me everyday, I become depressed.” She said.

Watch video below


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