“We know why you are mad” – Ike shades Mercy, post photo with Nengi

Big Brother Naija Ike Onyeoma, has finally revealed what went down between Mercy and himself amidst their break up rumors.

Sharing Nengi’s photo on Snapchat , Ike wrote;

“ we know why you are mad” Ike writes on his Snapchat, obviously referring to Mercy Eke.

Here’s the reason why Ike and Mercy are allegedly not in good terms right now. full gist.

Nengi, Ike and Mercy all auditioned for Big Brother Naija pepper dem season last year.

However, Nengi did not get the golden ticket to the show but Ike and Mercy both got the ticket for 2019 BBNaija show.

Mercy ,Neo, Nengi and Ike at the last year’s final audition but Neo and Nengi were not picked

After winning the show last year, Mercy, Ike and Nengi still remained friends. In fact, Nengi supported Mercy during last year’s show.

There was also evidence of Mercy commenting in Nengi’s photos on Instagram after the end of last year’s show and the vibe was good.

So when Nengi made it to this year’s Big Brother Naija Show, Nengi was apparently expecting Mercy to support her publicly in the show, but did not get the support she expected from Mercy.

However, Mercy donated N300,000k to Nengi’s team to use and vote for her during the show, but did not support Nengi publicly but supported Erica publicly.

Photo of Nengi’s handler telling a fan Mercy donated money

After this year’s show, Nengi coming out of the house allegedly did not vibe with most of her celebrity friends who she thought meant support her publicly on the show including Mercy.

Also, Nengi rather than following or being close to her old friend Mercy, followed Tacha on Instagram instead but did not unfollow Mercy.

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Mercy who made her support publicly to Erica, unfollowed Nengi for allegedly using Tacha to spite her. Nengi returned the Favour by unfollowing Mercy too.

Mercy agreeing to a fan’s tweet about Erica vindication

But Ike and Nengi still continued to be friends. Nengi and Ike are also in the same management team and Ike supported Nengi during this year’s show but towards the ending.

There has been Cold War between Mercy and Nengi since the end of this year’s BBNaija show.

Apparently, this is why Ike shades Mercy when he said:

“We know why you mad” while sharing a picture he took with Nengi.

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