Nigerian couple cries out for justice after one of their twin daughters died due to alleged negligence at a hospital in Lagos (videos)

A Nigerian man, Imbul Dooyum Kelvin, and his wife, Mimidoo Rufina, have called out for justice after one of their twin girl dead in the hospital.

The couple who demanded justice are for their two-month-old twin daughters, Zoe, died due to alleged negligence at the Randle Mother and Child hospital in Surulere, Lagos on Friday, January 15.

In a video that was shared online, the mother, Rufina, said she brought her child to the hospital for a routine checkup after she found out that their baby was not feeding well.

After they took her to the hospital, the doctor allegedly confirmed that the baby was find but said they needed to run a test to check for infection.

According to the father of the baby, after the baby’s blood was taken, she started crying short, which led to her been rushed to the emergency unit and was placed on oxygen.

The father said the baby was responding well and the alleged that the doctors told her to breastfeed her baby which she did but after feeding the child, the baby started c while she was breastfeeding, she noticed her baby wasn’t breathing. She said she raised an crying.

The mother of the baby alarmed the nurse of the situation but was told that she was making noise.

The lady begged the nurses that her baby was not feeling well but they neglected her not until the child gave up and the lady started crying that they came to check on her.

The couple are demanded justice for the child as they call on the public to help them get justice.

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Watch the video below.

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