List of the most popular/ Best beaches to visit in Lagos

List of popular beaches to visit in Lagos – are you looking for the most popular beaches to visit in Lagos?

We know it’s very different to choose a beach to visit in Lagos due to the numerous beaches.

This is why we have provided a detailed information on the best popular beaches to visit in Lagos, Nigeria.

Lagos state have the most popular, private, public and beautiful beaches than any other states in Nigeria.

Whether you are looking for a beach to visit for honeymoon, relaxation, picnic, getaway, privacy, romantic, dating and adventure, business meetings, conference, wedding etc.

It’s also important to add that Lagos have more than 20 beaches to visit, which means you can definitely find a beach that suits your taste, style, and personality.

Heres the list of Popular Beaches to Visit in Lagos;
1 Elegushi Private Beach Resort
2 Landmark Beach

3 Atican Beach Resort
4 La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
5 Tarkwa-Bay Beach
6 Oniru Private Beache
7 Whimpering Palms Resort
8 Lekki Leisure Lake
9 Casa Ilashe
10 Suntan Private Beach
11 Coconut Beach

Elegushi Private Beach Resort

Elegushi Private Beach Resort is arguably the most popular private beache to visit in Lagos. Although it is a private beach, it is often crowded due to its popularity but well protected.

It is managed and owned by the Elegushi Royal family led by HRM Oba Alayeluwa Saheed Ademola Elegus. The Elegushi beach operates 24 hours and is the ideal beach for family camp out, dinner, dates, picnics etc.

The Elegushi Private Beach provides one of the best night life, lots of activities and relaxation. Although it is privately owned, it is very popular and many prefer to visit the beach.

Address – The popular Elegushi Private beach is located off Lekki -Epe expressway, Ikate, Lekki Area of Lagos Nigeria.

In terms of food, the beach has wonderful local and international delicacies, from the three major ethnic tribes in Nigeria. There’s lots of fun, music, cocktails , restaurants, women and men. Also, it’s a beautiful spot for picnic, dinner parties, date and night club.

Elegushi Beach can not be visited for free, because it’s a private beach. However, the gate fee is very affordable. With N1000 (Naira) and above, you can always have access to the beach.

Also, the parking space is not free, people pay a parking fee of N200 (Naira) and above, depending on how well you can negotiate with the management.

Landmark Beach

The Landmark beach is a very popular beach among the rich and famous in Lagos.

The is a private beach own by Paul Onwuanibe and is known for its celebrity guests all year. The beach is highly managed and the customer services is top notch.

landmark Beach Resort

Most celebrities in Lagos often visit the beach for leisure and photoshoots. It is often use by celebrities for movies projects and music videos.

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The gate fee for the Landmark beach is N2000 and above, in order to maintain its standard and to avoid crowding.

The Landmark is located at the Landmark village 4, Water Corporation Drive, Victoria Island.

Atican Beach Resort

The Atican beach is also one of the most popular private beaches in Lagos. The beach is known for its clean and white sand environment, making it one of the most visited beaches in Lagos.

Atican beach

Atican beach is located around Abraham Adesanya, Off the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria. The beach is another perfect place for relaxation, picnic, honeymoon, gateway and parties.

It is often used as location by professional photographers for pre-wedding photos, birthdays and commercials. It provides adventure experience and entertainment for both adults and children.

The gate fee for the Atican Beach Resort is N1000 but can be subjected to change.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

The La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is a very popular and private beach in Lagos. The beach is known for its gaming activities and its African decorations and setting.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort also provides beautiful chalets and apartments for tourists. The luxurious apartments has a unique view which directly faces the ocean, giving tourists a beautiful and chilling atmosphere and experience.

La Campagne Tropicana

Accommodation price at the La Campagne Tropicana ranges From N50,000 per night and above depending on ones budget. It is the perfect resort for gateway, honeymoon, parties,daycation, baecation etc.

In terms of adventure, La Campagne Tropicana gives the best experiences and fun places. It provides boat cruise, jet-ski, kayaking , beach soccer, water volleyball, swimming horse riding, swings, basketball etc.

La Campagne Tropicana is located at Ikegan, Ibeju , off Lekki / Epe Expressway
, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tarkwa Beach Resort

The Tarkwa-Bay Resort is an artificial beach located on Onisiwo Island, Lagos Nigeria.

There are beaches that can not be accessible by road but through boat ride. Tarkwa- Bay beach is one of such beaches.

You don’t have to worry if you’re wondering how to get to the bay. You can get a high speed boat ride to the bay in Marina, Tarzan marine, and in Mekwe Jetty, Lagos state.

The Tarkwa Bay is a very quiet beach that offers different social activities like; surfing, swimming, volleyball, horse riding. Lots of foreigners and Nigerian celebrities are often seen at the Tarwa Bay due to its water sports activities and amazing experience.

If you are looking for adventure and a calm beach or perhaps you want a very quiet beach and place to mediate, Tarkwa Bay beach is the one for you.

Also, in terms of affordability, Tarkwa is one of the affordable beaches in Lagos Island. Remember, most beaches in Lagos have a gate fee which you are expected to pay.

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Since the Tarkwa beach is accessible through a boat ride, you are expected to also pay from N500 and above for the boat ride to the bay.

Oniru Private Beach

Oniru Private Beach is one of the popular beaches in Lagos state. It is owned and managed by the Oniru Royal family.

If you are looking for a less noisy and peaceful atmosphere beach, the Oniru Private beach is the place to visit.

The gate fee for the Oniru beach is N2500 but if you own a car, you are expected to pay N200 for parking space. Don’t worry! The beach is highly secure with 24/7 security.

The Oniru beach is located at the end of Ligali Ayorinda street, off Ajose Adeogun Street Victoria Island, Lagos.

The beach is accessible and open 24 hours with lots of creational activities. Oniru beach is a beautiful place for celebrations , event, picnic, live show and family brunch.

There are lots of different local food from different ethnic tribes in Nigeria.

Whimpering Palms Resort

Whimpering Palms Resort is one of the most popular and interesting tourist beaches to visit in Lagos.

It is one of the most historical beaches which serves as a place of tourism and learning of Nigerian history, starting from the slave trade era.

The Whispering Palms Resort is located at Adijo town, Badagry. There are two ways to get to the resort if you are interested in to visit the beach for excursion, dates, adventure, family trips etc.

You can go by road, although it could take you more than two hours depending on where you are living, and most importantly due to traffic. You can also visit the beach by boat ride from Ozumba Mbadiwe in Victoria-Island.

Also, you can visit the resort on a tour to learn about the history of Badary, it’s slave museum, the first story building in Nigeria, the place where Christianity was first preached and a well dug in 1842.

There’s also accommodations and hotels for people who want to spend more days at the resort. The hotel prices ranges from N15,000 and above.

The Whimpering Palms resort has one of the best managed beach in Lagos. Although it is one of the oldest beach and resort, it has an effective customer services.

Gate fee ranges from N1000 and above, and the parking space is free. There are also different local delicacies to order from their restaurants and other recreation activities.

Lekki Leisure Park

Another popular beach in Lagos is the Lekki Leisure Park. The beach is known for its beautiful Atlantic Ocean view and its peaceful environment which gives you an escape of the busy Lagos life.

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The Lekki Leisure Park is located at Adekunle Amimashaun, off Lekki Phase 1. For food lovers, there’s an indoor restaurant, lounge and grills.

The park also has a fully equipped multipurpose event hall with a terrace that showcases the ocean called “Ocean Terrace” which is often used for seminars and conferences.

The Lekki Leisure offers sport activities such as beach volleyball, beach football, tug of war, quad bikes, swimming and there’s also a bouncing castle for children, with prices ranging from N2000 and above.

Casa Ilashe

There are so many private beaches in Lagos. However, the Casa Ilashe beach is one of the most popular private beach in Lagos.

The beach is located at Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. It has an outdoor pool, 12 en-suite for guests, lounge, and entertainment which is often not installed to provide a peaceful environment which provides an escape to the bubbling city life.

The Casa Ilashe beach also provides a family friendly environment. It can serve as a place for business meeting and seminar conferences for companies.

Suntan Beach

Suntan Beach is one of the most popular public beach in Lagos. It is owned by the Lagos state government.

The gate fee for the Suntan beach is N500 and above, while the car park is N300. There’s lots of water sports activities for adults and kids.

It’s important to note that the beach is often crowded especially on weekends because it’s a public beach.

So! Don’t be surprised if you visit the beach and see lots of people there. There’s also various entertainment activities such as horse riding, swimming pool, and gym.

The Suntan beach is located at Lagos-Seme Expressway Lagos Sakpo, Lagos state.

Coconut Beach

Like the name “Coconut”, the Coconut beach derived its name from the numerous coconut on the beach.

The Coconut Beach is one of the oldest beach in Nigeria. It is located in the costal area of Badagry, Lagos.

The coconut beach is one of the oldest beaches in Nigeria. It is located at the coastal town of Badagry. Coconut Beach derives its name from the presence of a large number of coconuts trees across the beach.

It is one of the favourite holiday resort which shares a border with the Benin Republic. This tourist destination offers varieties of restaurants that offer delicious and fresh seafood served with the popular coconut juice. It is a perfect place for adventurers and foodies.

Coconut beach can be accessed through the Lagos Badagry Expressway and it is surrounded by different holiday resorts, hotels, lounges etc.

In conclusion, there are so many popular beaches to visit in Lagos. However, it all depends on your style, personality, budget and taste.

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