“Keep my name out of your mouth” – Khafi slams Erica’s fan who used her as an example for their queen

Reality TV star, Khafi has slammed a fan of fellow BBNaija ex-housemate , Erica used her as an example in her post on social media.

It all started after Erica said she will be no longer be active on Twitter while lamenting that she does not enjoy the app anymore due to hate.

Encouraging her to be strong against the hate, one of Erica’s fan advised her to tap her strength from former BBN housemate, Khafi who also survived online bullying and hate.

In reaction to the tweet, Khafi immediately slammed Erica’s fan, while asking her to keep her name out of the post. According to Khafi no one cared about her mental health when she was getting bullied on several occasion on social media.

She also accused Erica’s Fan of being among the people who always trolled on social as she states that their “hypocrisy stinky”.

In her words,

“Keep my name out of your mouth. You guys on this app cannot pick and choose to play the mental health / peace & love card when you choose. You are the same person who was trolling me who was saying all sorts of disgusting things about me and did you think of me surviving it then?”.

No you didn’t. Your sole aim was to destroy me emotionally, mentally and destroy my reputation societally. But God is bigger. I normally keep quiet and don’t respond to such nonsense but don’t you dare use me as an example because I did not survive what I survived because of you.

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Your hate and sick attitude are the reason for many peoples’ heartaches on here. And yes, your hypocrisy STINKS. So please, pick your words carefully. And in future be kind to EVERYBODY,  not just those you support. Signed, a survivor of online hate and abuse.

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