How to Make a 2 minutes BBNaija audition video: Tips and secrets of a unique BBNaija audition video

Are you interested in being the next Big thing in the BBNaija show? Have you been trying to make that unique video that will keep the judges hooked?

Here’s secrets and tips on how to make a unique 2 minutes BBNaija audition video that no one will tell you about.

Maybe you have been listening to Ex-BBNaija housemates on steps to take before making your audition video.

That’s beautiful! However, there are certain important details and informations that the former reality stars can’t share with their fans and other aspirants.

This is because most of these housemates are bounded by contracts and non-disclosure agreements which makes it very hard to spill some BBNaija secrets.

So if you are looking for tips and secrets on how to make your 2 minutes BBNaija audition video, be patient! And read the information carefully.

Before getting down to the main business, if you don’t know how to audition for BBNaija season 6, pls read our article on how to audition for BBNaija season 6 first to understand the requirements needed to audition.

Let’s get in to the important part you have been waiting for. There are certain tools and techniques you need to have before making a 2 minutes BBNaija audition video.

These tools and techniques will make your video unique, organized, beautiful and mind blowing for the judges to remember you.

Here’s the important tips and secrets on how to make a BBNaija 2 minutes audition video;

  • Camera quality and videography 
  • Environment
  • Physical Appearance
  • Introduction 
  • Presentation (personality)
  • Be strength to the point

Camera Quality and videography

One of the first tips and secrets of a unique BBNaija audition video is the camera quality and videography.

You can’t make a beautiful video without a camera quality. The camera can either be your phone camera or any other quality camera you have.

Remember, it’s an audition and a competition were everyone is trying to look their best and be the best.  

Having the right camera and the right amount of lightening will enable your skin tone blend in well with the video.

However, if you have a quality camera, but don’t know how to make use of it or know the important lightening to use for your 2 minutes video, you need the help of a professional.

Most people will say, “oh! It’s just a BBNaija audition, just be yourself!”…. No! It’s not JUST any audition, it’s an audition where millions of people are participating in.

Which means the more attractive and unique your video is, the more chances you have for your video to be watched by the organizers and judges of the BBNaija audition.

So if you don’t understand how to shoot a video, try to look for a professional videographer who will help you be the best. 

No judge or organizers at the BBNaija audition will want to watch a boring and dull 2 minutes video when they have over thousands of videos to watch.


In your presentation, you need to show your personality. If you are bold and confident, let it show.

Why? Cause the judges don’t know you personally, so what you showcase in your video is what they will use and judge you.

If you are the soft spoken type, don’t worry, let it show cause the judges knows what they are looking for.

Former Ex-housemates Nina ivy and Lilo have a very soft spoken personalities and they were still picked for the show.

Every one is not bold, outspoken, or confident, however, your personality needs to show in your presentation in order for the judges to feel the vibes and energy you are bringing to the show.

When presenting in your video, you must not necessarily sit down like it’s a debate… Lol. You can as well stand up and move around the set in order to add more life in your video.

Your emotions, expression and hand gestures needs to be present at that moment in order to bring out the uniqueness of your 2 minutes BBNaija audition video.

If you are a model, show them that walk! the expression, charisma and beauty that comes with modeling, likewise other fields.

Be straight to the point

I had to chip this in to the tips and secret of auditioning for BBNaija because time management is important.

No one wants to watch a boring video. Everything you’re saying need to be straight to the point.

Make sure your video does not exceed the 2 minutes given even by a second. Infant make your video 1:30 minutes of it’s possible.

When telling Big Brother why you want to be on the show, go straight to the point. Don’t beat round the bush or else, your video might likely not be watched at all.

Don’t tell the organizers your personal problems cause everyone has one. For example, that you are broke, starving, poor, ill etc.

In conclusion, there are millions of aspirants who will be uploading their BBNaija audition videos on the website.

Don’t feel sad if you aren’t picked for the show. Be patience and continue to try again until you become one of the lucky housemates to qualify.

According to former BBNaija season 2 housemate, Bisola Aiyeola she tried more than 5 times before she was picked for the show. 

Winner of BBNaija session 4 Mercy Eke said she tried 4 times before she was picked. Don’t give up!! 

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