Elsa Majimbo Biography,Age, Net Worth, Social Media

Elsa Majimbo Biography — Elsa Majimbo is a Kenyan comedienne, model and social media personality. She is known for her satirical monologues usually feature her using a pair of tiny 1990’s sunglasses as a prop and eating potato chips.

This article contains information about Elsa Majimbo biography, age,net worth, education, controversies, social media etc.

Elsa Majimbo Profile

Real Name:                                     Elsa Majimbo

Date Of Birth:                                 June 29, 2001

Age:                                                        22 Years

Place Of  Birth:                                Nairobi, Kenya

Nationality:                                          Kenyan

Country of Origin:                               Kenya

Occupation:       Comedienne, Model,  Content Creator

Elsa Majimbo Biography

Born in Nairobi June 29, 2001, Elsa gained in 2020  during the pandemic. Her comedy videos were mainly home-based which became one of the most viral videos on social media.

Following her success as a content creator on social media, Elsa Majimbo partnered with Valentino, a popular luxury fashion brand.

Also, Majimbo worked with makeup brand MAC and Fenton as their brand ambassador and influencer. Since fame, she has featured in numerous magazines as is named one of the Top Content Creator of 2022 by Forbes.

Elsa Majimbo Education

Before fame, Elsa attended Strathmore University, Nairobi were she majored in journalism. Also, some of her monologue videos went viral on during quarantine.

Elsa Majimbo Naomi  Campbell Controversy

On February 19, 2024, Comedienne raised eye eyebrows after making series of accusation against  British model Naomi Campbell.

In an eight-mintue video on her Tik Tok account, Elsa reveals how she fist met Naomi Campbell in Nairobi and they became friends. Later, Naomi  texted Elsa and they went shopping and vacation together.

According to Elsa, their relationship went sour after Naomi called her to threaten her with a lawsuit for filming a documentary with her constant.

While they were on vacation Naomi had discussed with Elsa about the possibility of making a documentary.

However, the model did not know that a documentary on Elsa was already in progress. So she (Naomi) became furious that Elsa stole her idea.

Following her shocking claims and revelation on social media, social media users slam Naomi for trying to control and exploit young Elsa.

Meanwhile, Naomi Campbell is yet to speak on the issue but Elsa further reveals that the model is threatening to sue her.

Speaking on the state of her friendship with Naomi Campbell Elsa said: “I will say that Naomi did give me a lot of credibility, especially when I first came into Hollywood.

“She made me feel special, she did a lot of things for me, so I wouldn’t say she made me. But she did play a big role in a lot of the things. We’re not friends, we’re not enemies, we’re not anything.”


Comedienne Elsa won People’ Choice Award For Favorite African Social Star in 2020. The Same year, she won “Creator Honour” at the Streamy Awards.

Social Media

You can follow Elsa on Instagram @majimb.o  and TikTok @elsa.majimbo 

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