Erica’s fans drags Kiddwaya and his manger Linek, accuses them of allegedly faking chats to play Erica

Big Brother Naija Erica’s fans have accused Kiddwaya and his manger Linek of allegedly faking chats to play their fave.

It all started after Kiddwaya shared screenshots of an alleged DM he got from a supposed Erica’s fan. In the chat, the alleged Elite claimed dragged Kiddwaya and his late grandma over an interview he had recently.

In the interview, Kiddwaya said he does not have a love life when asked about his love life. Apparently, this got the alleged fan anger, as the fan in the chat accused Kiddwaya of always embarrassing Erica.

However, after Kiddwaya shared the screenshots of the chats on Twitter yesterday, Erica’s fans started investigating the person behind the chats, as they claimed it wasn’t from the camp.

However, Erica’s fans accused Kiddwaya and his manger Linek of playing Erica, while claiming that it was Kiddwaya’s manger who was behind the chats.

This led to them massively unfollowing Kiddwaya’s manger Linek, while accusing the Waya camp of trying to play Erica.

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