Thabo Bester Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend

Thabo Bester Biography — Thabo Bester also known as Facebook rapist is a South African con artist who escaped prison after faking his death.

Here is all you need to know about Thabo Bester, age, real name, prison break, relationship with celebrity aesthetic doctor Dr Nandi Mogudumana.

Thabo Bester Profile

Name:                                      Thabo Bester

Nick Name:          Facebook Rapist,  Thomas Motsepe

Nationality:                                        South Africa

Place of Birth:                       Gauteng, South Africa

Date of Birth:                         November 5, 1979

Girlfriend:                 Dr Nandipha Mogudumana

Thabo Bester Biography

Born on 5 November 1979, Thabo Bester who also goes by the name Thomas Motsepe, is a South African convict who escaped from prison after faking his death in 2022.

Bester is from Gauteng, Johannesburg South Africa. Growing up, Thabo Bester lived with his grandmother who raised him.

In 2011, Thabo Bester got convicted for raping two women after luring them to a hotel using Facebook.  A year later, he was sentenced for raping and murdering his girlfriend, Nomfundo Tyhulu.

On May 3, 2022, department of correctional services claimed Bester had died after a fire had broken out in his single cell at about 03.35am.

However,  two months later after his death, a man who looks like Bester was spotted shopping in Woolworth in Sandton City.

Thabo Bester Age

According to sources, Thabo Bester was born in November 5, 1979. This means he is 42 years old as at May 2022.

However, other sources suggest that he is 33 years old and was born in 1988.

Thabo Bester Girlfriend- Dr Nandi

The girlfriend of Thabo Bester is said to be aesthetic Dr Nandipha Mogudumana. The celebrity doctor is also known popularly as Dr Nandi.

Since Dr Nandi made headlines after she was spotted shopping with the Facebook rapist, many believes she is in a relationship with Bester.

Also, after the staged passing of Thabo, Dr Nandi went to claim his body saying she was his wife.  But was suddenly seen with him shopping at Woolworths in June last year.

Since the story of Dr Nandipha relationship with Thabo broke out, the couple is said to be on the run.

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