“Nigerian police cannot be reformed” – Man shares story of how his police father was killed by SARS

A Nigerian man has stated that Nigerian police force cannot be reformed, as he reveals how his police father was killed by SARS operatives.

The man also shared video of a military personnel, refusing to take other from his superiors to back up his claim.

The man identified as Ernest Olorogun, said that his dad’s course was the first set of specialist in the Nigerian police force.

He revealed that his father was assassinated by Special Anti-Robbery Squad, during active duty.

He wrote;

“The mentality of an average Police officer in Nigeria is very UNPATRIOTIC. They believe in GENERATING REVENUES from suspects & not necessarily PROSECUTING.

“They believe this is the only way they can build houses & give their kids better education as their salaries CAN’T.”

A true POLICE REFORM can not be successful with these current officers in the Nig. Police Force.

“Maybe you guys need to conduct a background check on assets owned by most DPO’s & CP’s. You will be amazed how they acquired so much wealth. We have a HUGE PROBLEM.”

“All Rank & File(AKA Recruits) must be mentally evaluated for a true POLICE REFORM.

“If this is successfully & independently done, i assure you more than 60% of the current “Recruits” will be dismissed.”

An illiterate should NEVER join the Police Force. Illiteracy is a Liability.”

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