Liquorose Before and After photos

It’s no secret that everyone is curious to see BBNaija star Liquorose before and After photos.

Fans are usually curious to see and know what their favorite celebrities looked like before they became famous.

Also, it’s important to state that Liqurose has transformed over the years since the beginning of her dancing career.

Liquorose before and after photos

Not to say she wasn’t pretty before, but did Liquorose bleach her skin? Did she do any surgery? What did she look like before BBNaija fame?

These are some of the major questions asked about the dancer and reality star. So here’s some before and after photo of Liquorose!

Before posting the pictures, it’s important to answer some of the questions asked about Liquorose before limelight.

Skin Bleaching

One of the accusations and rumors surrounding Liqourose is whether the reality star and dancer bleached her skin.

During BBNaija show, some critics of the dancer insinuated that she bleached her skin after some unfiltered video of her surfaced online.

Now, did Liquorose bleach her skin, the answer is “No”. Here’s one of the reasons why we believe Liquorose did not bleach her skin.

After the show, we saw a photo of Liquorose’s father on his birthday. The dancer’s father is light skin.

Secondly, video of Liquorose acting years ago also proved that she is naturally light skin. However, it’s important to note that the reality star colour has gotten lighter over the years.

Liquorose Before And After photos

Here’s  some of Liquorose old photos before fame.

Another photo old photo of Liquorose is the one she took with Nigerian artist like Tuface and D’banj.

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Now here’s some Liquorose throw back photos  verses her current photos! That’s right! Her transformation and growth is not only mind blowing but also a true inspirational for fans and admirers of the reality star.

Before and After photos of Liqorose


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