Kika Osunde Biography, Age, Parents, Net Worth

Kika Osunde Biography — Kika Aderonke Osunde ak.a Kika Good Hair, is a popular Nigerian-British social media influencer, businesswoman and fashion model.

Although she is Nigerian by origin, she was born on 1st December 1987 in Hamptstead, North West London, England. Kika is the youngest of four children of her parents.

In this article, we will reveal information about Kika Osunde Biography, Age, parents, Net Worth, education and career.

Kika Osunde ProfileKika Osunde Profile

Full Name:                         Kika Aderonke Osunde

Nick Name:                                   Kika Good Hair

Date Of Birth:                                1st December 1987

Age:                                                          36 years

Place of Birth:            Hampstead, North West, London

State Of Origin:                                       Delta State

Nationality:                                      Nigerian / Briton

Religion:                                               Christianity

Net Worth:                                 £2Million

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Kika Osunde Biography Kika Osunde Biography

Kika Aderonke Osunde also known as Kika Good Hair, is a Nigerian-British influencer, entrepreneur and beauty model.

She is the co-founder of Good Hair Ltd with long time friend Chioma Ikokwu. Kika was born and raised in London, United Kingdom.

However, she is originally from Ogbor, a small town located in Delta State, Nigeria while her mother is Yoruba by tribe.


Kika holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from University College of Birmingham, England.


Kika Good Hair Career

Nigerian-British influencer Kika started her business in the early 2000s. At first, she opened hair salon while working as a hair stylist.

Later, she co-founded Good Hair Ltd with her best friend Chioma Ikokwo who is a lawyer. At that one, the hair became one of the most popular luxury hair brand in Nigeria.

This launched Kika and her friend Chioma in to the limelight as both partners began promoting their hair brand in social media.

Kika Osunde Parents

Although Kika does not talk about her father online, she speaks highly of her mother whom she said immigrated to the United Kingdom at the age of 19.

Kika Osunde parents are both Nigerian. But her mother is from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria while her father is from Ogbor.

Kika Good Hair Net Worth

British-Nigerian entrepreneur Kika Osunde has an estimated net worth of £2 million. Most of her earning is from her hair brand and social media influencing.

Social Media Handles

You can follow British Nigeria influencer Kika Osunde on Snapchat @Kikaosunde or Instagram @kikagoodhair



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