Is Davido Son Ifeanyi Adeleke Still Alive?

There has been an ongoing debate and conspiracy theory surrounding the tragic death of Davido’s son Ifeanyi Adeleke.

One of the frequently asked questions and debate is that Davido’s son Ifeanyi Adeleke is still alive? The hashtag #Ifeanyiisalive have been trending Twitter as fans claim that the 3 year old boy is not dead.

Is Ifeanyi Davido Son Alive?Is Ifeanyi Davido Son Alive

Although everyone wants it to be true, however it is not. Nigerian singer Davido’s son Ifeanyi is not alive. Sadly, the 3 year old boy drown in his father’s pool at his Banana Island home.

Since the news of his death hit social media, many international and local celebrities have send their condolences to Davido and his fiancée Chioma.

International celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, MeekMill also took to their social media platform to send their condolences.

Also, many Nigerians celebrities and politicians have sympathized with the couple as they mourn the loss of their son.

This means that the conspiracy theory of Ifeanyi Adeleke being alive alive is false and not true. In fact internet users have criticized those peddling such rumors.

The child in this video below claimed to be Ifeanyi Adeleke is not him.

So, if you are still wondering if Davido and Chioma Rowland son Ifeanyi is still alive, the answer is NO!!! Also, the video of a child in a hospital making rounds on Twitter as Ifeanyi is false.

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