Carlee Russell biography: Age, Parents, Abduction, Education

Carlee Russell biography – Carlethia Nichole “Carlee” Russell is an American nurse from Hoover, Alabama, United States.

She is the young lady who disappeared after calling 911 to report  that she saw a toddler walking all by himself on her way home from work on Thursday , 13 July 2023.

Here is all you need to know about Carlee Russell biography, disappearance, age, family, education, siblings, social media handle and controversies.

Carlee Russell Wiki/ Profile Carlee Russell Wiki and Profile

Full Name:                    Carlethia Nichole Carlee Russell

Also Known As:                        Carlee Russell

Date of Birth:                                 23 July 2997

Age:                                                  25 years old

Nationality:                                            American

State of Origin:            Hoover, Alabama, United States

Occupation:                                         Nurse

Known For:                   Disappearance, Missing Person

Education:                                     Auburn University

Carlee Russell Biography Carlee Russell Biography

Born on 22 July 1997, Carlethia Nichole Carlee Russell is an American nurse infamously known for faking her abduction.

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Carlee Russell us from Hoover, Alabama, United State. She is the daughter of Carlos Rusell and Talitha Robinson Russell. Her mother is the sister of late basketball star Gleen Robinson.

She grew up in Birmingham, Hoover and attended Spain Park High School in Hoover, Alabama, United States. After high school graduation, she got admission in to Auburn University, Montegomery.

Does Carlee Russel Have Siblings?

Alabama woman Carlee Russel known for faking her kidnapping, has a brother and a sister. During the time of alleged disappearance, her brother voiced out.

Carlee Russell Parent

American nurse Carlee Russell parent is Carlos Russell and Talitha Robinson Russell. Talitha is the sister of late Gleen Robinson who was a basketball player.

EducationCarlee Russell Education

Carlee Russell attended Spain Park High school. Following her graduation, she got admission in to Montgomery University, Alabama.

Russell graduated in 2021 with a degree in nursing. Before her kidnapping case, Carlee was planning on going for her Masters Degree program at University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Carlee Russel Fake Abduction

According to reports from the United States media, Carlee’s search history  before her disappearance read “do you have to pay for amber alert”, the film “taken”,  “How to take money from the register without been caught” and “One way bus ticket”.

During a live conference, Hoover police said the force enlisted help from the United States secret service to analyze Carlee’s cellphone.

Also, the police says surveillance cameras shows no sign of a kidnapper or “white man” grabbing Carlee Russell. Since making the headline for her disappearance, Russell has been trending on social media as many believes she faked her kidnap.

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Following investigation,  police said no evidence of abduction was found. However, reveals that the FBI his reviewing the surveillance  for more analysis.

Also, the police is yet to reveal whether or not charges will be brought against Carlee Russell. Meanwhile there is a missed reaction from different social media platforms regarding the case.

Carlee Russell Boyfriend

American nurse Carlee Russell boyfriend is Thomar Latrell Simmons. The couple were in a relationship for more than two  years.

However, they broke broke after Carlee accused him of cheating on her. Following her disappearance, Thomar shown his support but later deleted all photos of Carlee from his Instagram after it was revealed that she faked her abduction.

Meanwhile, Thomar Latrell Simmons is also an alumni of University of Alabama.

Carleen Russell Social Media

You find Carleen Russel on different social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Her username on Twitter is @carleeenichole

And her Instagram page is @carleenichole__



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