Side chick disgraces Pastor who allegedly impregnated her and refused to give her money to buy antibiotics after aborting a baby for him

An angry side chick has disgraced Pastor for refusing to give her money to buy antibiotics, after allegedly impregnating her and she aborted a baby for him.

The drama took place in Jahi area of Abuja after the side chick attracted neighbors who came to the aid of the pastor, after he was allegedly attacked with a knife.

According to Eyewitnesses, the Pastor initially had cold feet in giving his side chick money for abortion, but later invited her over to his house to take the money for antibiotics after the abortion was done.

Arriving at the pastor’s house, the side chick allegedly slept with the pastor again but on asking for the money for antibiotics, the pastor told her he doesn’t have money.

Upon hearing his claims, the lady started raising her voice and he reportedly started begging her.

The lady refused and grabbed a knife while insisting that he must give her the money. While they were dragging the knife, the Pastor suffered a cut close to his eyes.

The pastor came out screaming, as he alleged that he doesn’t know the girl and accused her of trying to kill him. The drama attracted the attention of neighbours who asked him to rush to Jahi clinic to take care of the cut.

However, he went to a police station and accused the girl of trying to kill him. The man is reportedly man and the wife works as a gynecologist in Bauchi.

The viral video shows the lady wearing the Pastor’s shirt and boxers while she narrates what happened.

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She also accused the pastor failing his promises after he promised to give her money to take care of her clearance.

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