Rosie accuse Kachi of domestic violence, in tell-all (video)

Ultimate Love Rosie has accused her former lover and fiancé Kachi of domestic violence weeks after he accused her of aborting their unborn child.

Recall that few weeks ago, Kachi in an interview, accused his Rosie of aborting their unborn child which led to their break up.

Kachi in his interview accused the Rosie of taking an abortion pill with out his knowledge because she doesn’t want her parents to know she was parent.

However, Rosie in a tell-all video titled  “ my moment of truth” on Utube, revealed that she had a miscarriage and did not abort her baby as claimed by her her former fiancé Kachi.

She also accused Kachi of domestic violence, while stating that Kachi  hit her three times on her hand which left bruises.

“Kachi tarnished my image far and wide as a mother and as a daughter. I realised that i was pregnant but i did not tell Kachi because i wanted to suprise Kachi on his birthday “

“I told Kachi i was pregnant but he did not look excited.The most shocking day of my life was the day i woke up and saw Kachi dressing up to go out. I quickly locked the door because he does not know anywhere in Kaduna and i needed to talk to him.” 

“He tried to get the key from me while i was pregnant . Kachi hit my hand 3 times, my brother heard me screaming as i was holding my lower belly. My brother ran out to get help”

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