“Marriage is not a priority, it’s not a big deal” – BBNaija Tacha advises women

BBNaija Tacha has advised women to leave their marriages if it’s not working for them, as marriage is not a priority.

The reality stars said that people attach too much importance to marriage and has advised people especially women to “stop attaching too much importance” to it.

Tacha took to her Instagram stories to share her thoughts on issues of domestic violence. She wrote;

“Stop pushing the narrative that women need this marriage thing more. It’s not a big deal. “And I hate the fact we’ve been brainwashed over time.”

“Marriage isn’t/shouldn’t be a priority, It is not a do/die affair!”

She added; “There’s so much more to this life than 2 rings and 2 adults. I beg you! If it isn’t working, leave.”

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