Fancy Acholonu Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Personal Life, State of Origin

Fancy Chigozie Acholonu Biography: Fancy Chigozie Acholonu better known as ‘Fancy’ is a Nigerian-American model, actress and entrepreneur.

The 30 year old model is originally from Imo state, Nigeria, but was born and raised in Los Angeles, United state.

Fancy Acholonu went viral in Nigeria tabloids after her engagement to popular Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo was announced.

Before going in to details about Fancy Acholonu Biography, here’s a full profile of Fancy Acholonu.

Name Fancy Chigozie Acholonu
Age30 years (July 26 1991)
Tribe Igbo
Nationality Nigeria, United States
Occupation Model, Actress
State of Origin Imo State
Fiancé Alexx Ekubo
Net Worth$300,000

Fancy Acholonu Biography

Fancy Acholonu was born to Nigerian parents but was raised and educated in Los Angeles, United State.

In her interview with Voyage LA, Fancy says she started her modeling career at the age of 15.

Fancy has since expanded her career by venturing in to commercials and acting since the beginning of her career.

In 2019, Fancy lost her mother to an undisclosed illness. However, she revealed that her mother’s last wish was to be buried in their hometown in Imo state.


Fancy Chigozie Acholonu was born in 26 July, 1991 in LA, United States.

The commercial model celebrated her birthday last month and is currently 30 years old.

Fancy Acholonu Career

From an early age, Fancy says she wanted to be a model. At 15 years old, she started her modeling career.

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Besides modeling, Fancy is also in to acting and commercials. She featured in an action-comedy series ‘Lethal Weapon’ in 2016.

According to IMDB, Fancy had also featured in the movie; Running to Live, Living to Run in 2015 and and ‘Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes’ (2017).

The multi talented Fancy Acholonu has featured in films with other popular Hollywood actors like, Avi Bernard, Tommy Nash, Mark Hatfield etc.


Fancy owns a modeling and acting school, The Fancy Kids, where she coaches children aspiring to be models and actors.

Fancy Acholonu also owns a jewelry brand, Zodiacaa. The brand is not only a Zodiac sign store, but also for apparels and accessories.

It is also a clothing line catering for astrology fashion enthusiasts.

Personal Life

Fancy Acholonu is currently in a relationship with Nigerian actor Alexx Ekubo and the couple dated privately for 5 years.

However, the couple’s relationship went viral after Alexx Ekubo proposed to Fancy Acholonu on May, 2021 in Los Angeles, California, United State.

Three months in to their engagement, the couple were rumored to have called off their engagement.

This came after Fancy Acholonu unfollowed her fiancé Alexx Ekubo on social media.

She also deleted their joint Instagram page ‘Falexx Forever’. The page is a couple page they created together after they announced their engagement.

Pictures of Fancy and Alexx Ekubo have also been deleted from Fancy’s Instagram page.

Furthermore, fans are speculating that Alexx Ekubo might be the cause of their rumored split.

This is because the handsome actor is notorious for being a playboy in the movie industry

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Alexx Ekubo and Fancy had disclosed they are getting marry on November 2021 before their surprise break up.

In a live video, Fancy says she will be be moving back to Nigeria after the wedding to be with her fiancé.

State of Origin

Fancy Acholonu is originally from the Eastern part of Nigeria. She is from Imo state and is Igbo by tribe.

Fancy Acholonu Net Worth

Although Fancy’s Net Worth is still under Review. Nevertheless, the model is reportedly said to be worth about $300,000 – 500,000$.


The official verified Instagram handle of Fancy Acholonu is @ fancyacholonu

Education Background

In 2012, Fancy Acholonu graduated from Angeles City College, where she received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

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